Molena: the Company

molena company locationSince 1995 Molena has offered an extensive collection of hospitality furniture & seating in both contemporary and classic designs, styled and manufactured specifically for the contract market offering unique designs along with comfort, quality and most importantly durability. All of our products are made from quality materials and finished in-house by an experienced team of craftspeople taking extra pride in orders large and small.

Our selection of styles are specified for hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops worldwide and can be customized with your choice of stain finish and upholstery.

Your choices are not limited as we can also build to specification custom designs to suit your décor and vision.

Molena di Molena Mauro
Via Borgo Padova, 98/C - 35028 . Piove di Sacco (PD)
Tel. (+39) 049 9705960 - Fax (+39) 049 5841057
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